Color Quality Hand Blown Glass Beads

Our hand blown glass beads are extremely well crafted and formed in the 2000 year old traditions of furnace made blown glass.  The beads come in either solid colors or stripes and are shimmering and radiant.  The beads come in a wide
variety of geometric shapes including squares, triangles, ovals, rectangles diamonds and cylinders.  

With over 50 vivid colors we arrange the beads into color families.   Solid color BRIGHT PRIMARIES... CARRIBEAN...
PASTEL and AUTUMN JEWEL TONE comprise  the major color groupings with an additional  range of STRIPPED
beads.  We pride ourselves on the superb quality, durability and vivid, luminescent color of PENROSE GLASS BEADS.
Our aim is to provide you with great service, choice in the ordering process, and wonderful glass beads for your jewelry
Every POUND ORDER is hand picked individually as no two designers may choose the same colors for their work.  Your
pound order is NOT just a scoop in a bin with little regard for the colors and shapes you will receive.  We pride ourselves on
fast, individual service to accomodate your individual needs.
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PENROSE BEADS are made from recycled glass.  Our beads are fashioned in the same process used in the glass
blowing factories of Venice and Sweeden.  They are drawn hollow rods made from a 2000 degree hot glass furnace using a
blowpipe and hand tools.  We have a very small operation and concentrate solely on bead making rather than producing other
items for sale.  In this way, we can maintain the highest quality and produce wonderfully colored, exciting and durable beads
for your jewelry making.
Barrels of discarded glass shards are shipped from the glass factories of West Virginia to our glass blowing studio
in Western Masachusetts.  .  All of our hand made beads are intricately layered with core colors that come from a small glass
factory in the Bavarian forest of Southern Germany.   Once the core color has been placed on the blowpipe, several layers of
clear recycled glass are added and the hot glass is shaped to form the outside of the bead.  Next the hot glass is carefully
heated in the furnace and drawn out to a length of 25 feet.  After a slow cooling process, shorter lengths of the drawn out
rods are hand cut on a small lapidary saw using a diamond blade.  The individual beads are then tumble ground for 24 hours
to slightly round the edges.  Once out of the tumbler, the beads resemble beach glass in their matte appearance and are soft
and smooth to the touch.   After a cleaning process, the beads are placed into a small oven one by one,  and are fire polished
to a temperature of 1350 degrees.  This process once again turns the matte surface of the beads ro a high quality shinny
smooth finish and insures durability.

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